Solo/Duet Program
An intimate program that showcase a range of physical and
emotional landscapes.

It has its Place
(8 min.)
Music by Kodo Drummers
"...a knockout in a riveting solo. The light, insistent patter of Kodo drums
further stirs the excitement she induces."

- The Village Voice

There is no Quiet
(10 min.)
Original Music by Fred Klatz
"...the woman's got edge, and her solo was gutsy, abrupt and all
too brief (a miracle in this milieu)."

- The Montreal Gazette

(Solo version, 8 min.)
Original Music by Guy Yarden
" ...a thankful meditation in long, sinuous stretching, and then
all manner of ecstatic jumps and turns. Green's glorious high-flying
read not as mere dancerly tricks, but as nothing less than glorious salvation.
Green is a great dancer and her solo is reason enough to make the trip."
- The Milwaukee Journal

(Duet, 10 min.)
Original Music by Fred Klatz
"...this duet marks her as a choreographer endowed with intense vision and
ingenious form."
- The Montreal Gazette

(Duet 12 min.)
Original Music by Fred Klatz
"...offered an unusually touching variant of the
rarer duet form in which one person is enclosed
in a different world or physical state. To a fine and variegated score,
how marvelous these two are!"

- The Village Voice