Heart Beats Light, Bucharest, Romania
Art in Movement Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia
Cosmin Manolescu, Heart Beats Light Torrey Pines California
Reheasal at UCSD
Company of Dancers, Heart Beats Light, Bucharest Romania
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Allyson is committed to expanding the performance experience with residencies and workshops incorporating her extensive background in modern technique, contact improvisation, composition and improvisation. Allyson is inspired by the interaction of teaching dancers at all levels and ages. Workshops can include choreography projects and will be designed to fit the particular needs of the participants. Collaborations with her husband, visual artist Peter Terezakis, continue to be at the forefront of innovations in merging dance with technology.

Recent collaborations and residencies
have included:

* International Arts and Idea Festival, New Haven CT.
One week residency with community dancers. Technique classes and setting "Full Circle" on women of all ages to perform with Allyson Green Dance in the Festival June 16, 17, 2006.


* Connecting Beaches, Connecting Communities Project
Connecting Beaches, Connecting Communities
is an interdisciplinary exchange project to create site-specific outdoor performances with dance, music and a light installation, by the sea, led previously in California, and Romania. The project includes a morning warm-up and technique classes for dancers, followed by an afternoon research/improvisation laboratory involving local dancers, visual artists and musicians. The project culminates with site specific performances (free to the public) investigating the dialogue between dance, new technology and music with the natural sounds and landscape (and previously at the Black Sea in Constanta, Romania and the historical Culta Vechea in Bucharest Romania). US artists Allyson Green, (choreographer) and Peter Terezakis, (visual artist), collaborate with the local participants to create the outdoor performances, which are animated by a light installation "Heart Beats Light" marking the contours of both internal and external landscapes. During the residency period, the American artists actively engage with the local dance and arts communities through the workshops, informal discussion sessions, exhibitions and the site specific performances. Documentation of all of Connecting Beaches, Connecting Communities projects will be edited into a film for further exposure and continuing discussion.

* Fall 2005 Residency in Skopje Macedonia. A continuation of a five-year exchange between American choreographer/teacher Allyson Green and Macedonian choreographer Iskra Sukarova. Green taught classes in contemporary dance technique and improvisation for local dance students; lead a workshop in pedagogy and contemporary critical theory for teachers; and gave a lecture performance on current arts in the United States.

These projects are a continuation of an ongoing fifteen-year exchange between Allyson Green and East/Central European artists. The Romanian and Macedonian projects were funded by The Suitcase Fund: A Project of Ideas and Means in Cross-Cultural Artist Relations, an initiative created by Dance Theater Workshop in New York City with major funding from the Rockefeller Foundation.

* 2006 ArtsLink Fellowship to Latvia for a residency with the Olga Zitluhina Dance Company and Association of Latvian Professional Contemporary Dance Choreographers during the "Laiks dejot/Time to Dance" Festival in Riga and Jurmala, Latvia. Green will give workshops to the community in contemporary technique, improvisation, and arts education and management. She will create a site-specific dance performance with the Zitluhina Dance Company with a light installation by Peter Terezakis, documenting for a film of previous installations in Bratislava, Slovakia, and Bucharest, Romania.  
* Lux Boreal Contemporanea Danza -- Tijuana, Mexico. An ongoing residency teaching technique to this contemporary company at Casa Cultura, and creating new works on the company including "Recordar" and "Nada Que Declarar," which will become an evening length work at the San Diego Museum of Art in spring 2007.