Allyson Green Dance expands the boundaries of a highly refined vocabulary, part expressive and part abstract, to translate emotion directly into focused movement. Merging a strong visual design sensibility with articulate, passionate dancing, Allyson seeks to create theater that is intimate, physical and engaged in human relationships. Her work has been noted for virtuosic dancing framed in a visual landscape that integrates original music, elegant lighting and vivid set designs

"Ms. Green always tugged one back into the stream of dance
with her sure and daring sense of theater."
— Jennifer Dunning,
The New York Times

"Green distills, abstracts and transforms real-life events into
virtuosic art.
The essence of her work is a poignant, fragile beauty..."
— Tom Strini,
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Splendid dancing was a feature of this performance.
The whole concert radiated with the tenderness and aliveness with which we sometimes wake from dreams, or perhaps sense just at the edge of death."
— Deborah Jowitt,
The Village Voic

"Allyson Green makes radiant, compassionate dances about big subjects.
[The] works are marked by gorgeous, inventive choreography
and splendid performances."

- Janice Steinberg, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Green's recent "Dancing to Beethoven" created for La Jolla SummerFest 2005 was noted as "a sold-out hit fringe event that should become a festival staple."
- Jennifer de Poyen, of the San Diego Union Tribune

"Light suffuses Allyson Green's latest dances. That's partly because Green collaborated with video and light artists, but even more, it's a sign of her luminous artistic vision. This is work of great lucidity -
and maturity, its ideas complex and nuanced
- and beautifully danced."

- Janice Steinberg, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Merging chamber music,
Dance a SummerFest hit
By Jennifer de Poyen

Choreographer Allyson Green embraces a meeting of the minds to tap into the soul
By Janice Steinberg
August 14, 2005

By Valerie Scher
Classical Music Critic

Some of Elazar Harel's spectacular photos from the
2004 San Diego Museum of Art Project!