Group Program
A program performed by seven dancers featuring
critically acclaimed works:

Four Voices, Inside Out (Quartet 18 min.)
Music by Blindman Kwartet
" All were sensational in Green's dark and dreamy
"Four Voices, Inside Out" which is weighty with personal expression, dense with steps and gestures and enormously sophisticated in structure."
- The Journal Sentinel

Paragraphs on Wind (Seven dancers 30 min.)
Original Music by Guy Yarden
Originally commissioned by Zenon Dance Co.
Chosen for the New York Bagnolet Platform.
 "A haunting work... Green has honed her own choreographic
language, one unique for its spiraling patterns
and sense of immediate human connection..."
- Minneapolis City Pages

In the Name (Seven Dancers, 30 min.)
Original Music by Paul Dresher
Initial material created for the Bratislava in Movement Festival, Slovakia.
Commissioned for the Face the Music and Dance Series by
New York City Symphony Space
"The choreographer and cast wonderfully convey the life of a tribe and its individuals;
adrift these people may be, but their created culture is rich, complex, and full of beauty"
- The Village Voice
"Paul Dresher created a boundless, exuberant aural landscape for nine dancers
to journey through in Ms. Green's new, "In the Name."
-The New York Times
"A meditation on refugees, the dance to Paul Dresher's
exquisite Concerto for Violin and Electro-Acoustic Band,
is subtle and profound. "

- Milwaukee Sentinel

Performed by:
Karl Anderson, Eric Boone, Eun Jung Gonzalez, Allyson Green,
Carolyn Hall, Hetty King and Yuji Yoda.

Live Music performed by Paul Dresher and Joel Davel (In the Name).